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Caribbean U-Turn Inc, is a Mattapan-based community outreach organization that began as a project with Boston University's school of social work (BUSSW) in 1989. Recognizing the severe impact of substance abuse within the Caribbean community in Boston.

Caribbean U-Turn Inc's, current mission is To assist Caribbean youth and their families to combat substance abuse, HIV/ AIDS, and other health risks, resulting from social, cultural and economic barriers nationally and internationally. We are dedicated to educate citizens of urban Massachusetts not only about substance abuse but HIV/AIDS, Violence prevention and provide tutoring, mentoring, social and spiritual awareness to effect change.

We also travel to Haiti to bring goods such as, food, clothing and toys, as well as, developing work shops  on health, education and safety with children in orphanages in Haiti.  Caribbean U-Turn is a private non-profit community-based organization located in Mattapan that works with but is not exclusive to Caribbean individuals and families.

STUDENTS TRAVELING FOR HUNGER was started by Shayla Mombeleur, a  Bridgewater State Student who began traveling back and forth from an Orphanage  in Port- Au-Prince , Haiti to help bring formula. After her first time at this orphanage Shayla Mombeleur along with: Anthony Fleurival, Alfred Mombeleur and Shiela Hampton began to fundraise for orphans in Haiti. So far they have collected hundreds of toiletries, baby formula and many clothing articles for the orphanes in Haiti and primarily fundraise to transport the goods to  Haiti when they travel.

If you are a student or non student who would like to show support by donations or just JOINING this site please do so. It's Free! We welcome your thoughts or concerns on Haiti.

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